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Apple Cider Process

Apple Cider Available Friday Sept. 12, 2014

ur apple cider is made from a vast variety of farm fresh apples!  About 30 different varieties are used throughout the season, while 7 or 8 are used in each batch.  Cider made early on in the season is pressed with a special mix of apples and pears.  We press our cider weekly, with each batch taking one full day.  It is quite a process!  To give our customers an idea as to how their delicious apple cider is prepared, here is a quick description of the process involved….
Apples are fresh picked and sorted
Run through a washer and brusher
Bottled and Refrigerated

We absolutely do NOT add any sugar, water, or preservatives.  It is neither pasteurized nor processed.  It is raw apple juice, guaranteed to be the best you’ve ever had!   The perfect blend of apples are picked to make a tasty sweet and tangy cider!

Apple Cider is ideal for:
Hard Cider

Be sure to visit us at the Walnutport Canal Festival this year Sunday October 19, 2014!
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